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Migrating IBM AIX to IBM Hyperconverged Systems powered by Nutanix

IBM AIX runs fully virtualized on IBM Hyperconverged Systems powered by Nutanix. This tutorial demonstrates how existing AIX installations running on IBM PowerVM can be migrated to IBM Hyperconverged Systems…

Updated December 20, 2018 | Published December 20, 2018


Step-by-step guide to IBM Power Systems firmware update

This tutorial provides the step-by-step procedure for the IBM Power Systems firmware update from the HMC command line, and the HMC GUI and is targeted for system administrators.

Updated March 26, 2013 | Published March 26, 2013


Customizing the vi and Vim editors

This article explains how to customize vi and Vim in multiple ways, ranging from simple configuration settings to defining your own commands.

Updated January 18, 2011 | Published January 18, 2011


AIX networking

In this article, you can get the basics of configuring network devices and learn how to get your System p servers communicating.

Updated November 16, 2010 | Published November 16, 2010


Speaking UNIX

Keeping multiple machines synced can be challenging. Fortunately, a powerful tool is available to make the task easier: rsync.

Updated September 22, 2009 | Published September 22, 2009


Using Python to create UNIX command line tools

If you work in IT, as a UNIX Sysadmin, a software developer, or even a manager, there a few skills that will set you apart from the crowd. Do you…

Updated March 18, 2008 | Published March 18, 2008