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Code Pattern

Build a Knative serverless web application

This code pattern demonstrates creating an example travel web app using Node.js, React, and Knative. Learn how to deploy and manage a destinations microservice and UI on Knative as a…

Updated November 19, 2019 | Published November 19, 2019

Code Pattern

Build a secure microservices-based banking application

Learn how to use API Connect for OAuth functions, App Connect for API orchestration, and Node.js to develop a secure microservices-based banking application.

Updated August 15, 2019 | Published August 15, 2019

Code Pattern

Create portal to access large amounts of data

Use z/OS Connect to expose CICS application(s) and Db2 data with REST APIs, and API Connect to manage your APIs and create an access portal.

Updated July 29, 2019 | Published July 29, 2019

Code Pattern

Deploy a Python Flask application in Kubernetes

Create a Work Log web application using Flask, MongoDB, and Kubernetes. The Work Log application is used to keep track of and log different types of days that are associated…

Updated November 6, 2018 | Published November 6, 2018

Code Pattern

Apply machine learning to financial risk management

Use machine learning to perform secure, real-time risk assessment and management to help financial institutions more accurately determine credit worthiness.

Updated August 1, 2018 | Published August 11, 2017

Code Pattern

Run cloud-native workloads on a Linux mainframe

Open source is now the dominant method for creating cloud-native software, with Docker at the center of most container-based innovations. Discover how modern open source containerized development ecosystems fit with…

Updated August 8, 2017 | Published August 8, 2017

Code Pattern

Turn your mainframe into an API powerhouse

Discover how to unlock your enterprise's valuable systems-of-record assets and capitalize on the new API ecosystem by building RESTful APIs that can access business-critical data.

Updated July 26, 2017 | Published July 26, 2017

Code Pattern

Archived | Build serverless API handlers

Use Apache OpenWhisk to map HTTP REST API calls to business logic functions that create, read, update, and delete entities.

Updated July 18, 2017 | Published July 18, 2017