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GitHub task automation with serverless actions

This tutorial shows how to request the creation of new GitHub repos by invoking GitHub APIs with Python using serverless actions. It allows for multiple owners to see the same…

Updated October 7, 2019 | Published October 7, 2019


Secure APIs by using OAuth 2.0

Authorize access to APIs by using OAuth 2.0 schemes in IBM API Connect.

Updated September 10, 2019 | Published September 10, 2019


Manage service credentials for serverless applications

Combining third party application services with serverless functions makes it much faster to build applications, but requires management of individual access tokens. This tutorial shows a simpler way of managing…

Updated June 10, 2019 | Published June 10, 2019


Consume and provide APIs with API Connect and Node.js

This tutorial addresses how both API providers and API consumers interact with API Connect as an API hub. We cover basic concepts and show API providers how to use Node.js…

Updated April 26, 2019 | Published December 13, 2018


Get started with agile integration architecture

With the rise of multi-cloud strategy, it is becoming crucial to re-think hybrid cloud integration strategy. Agility, scalability, and adaptability are critical characteristics that must be available on modern integration…

Updated April 9, 2019 | Published April 9, 2019


How to get Terraform and IBM Cloud to play nice

This tutorial teaches you how to verify your Terraform plan and make it work with the IBM Cloud. You'll also learn how to write a simple plan to spin up…

Updated January 10, 2019 | Published January 10, 2019


Create REST APIs in minutes with LoopBack 4

In this tutorial, follow the steps to create, build, and run a simple LoopBack 4 application. Additionally, learn how to expose GraphQL APIs from the same LoopBack application.

Updated October 3, 2018 | Published October 3, 2018


Implement SOAP services with the Zend Framework

The Zend Framework is an MVC-compliant framework for building robust, scalable PHP Web applications. It includes a Zend_Soap component that allows developers to quickly and efficiently add SOAP-based Web services…

Updated September 12, 2018 | Published May 11, 2010


Secure programming with the OpenSSL API

Learning how to use the API for OpenSSL -- the best-known open library for secure communication -- can be intimidating, because the documentation is incomplete. Fill in the gaps, and…

Updated August 16, 2018 | Published July 22, 2004