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Introduction to Watson Assistant

Get an overview of Watson Assistant, and learn how it can help you use the power of AI to connect customers to service resources, keep them engaged, and solve their…

Updated August 24, 2020 | Published August 6, 2019


Predicting telecom call drops with AI

This series explores telecom call drop predictions using IBM Cloud Pak for Data, data virtualization, Watson OpenScale, and Cognos Analyics.

Updated August 24, 2020 | Published October 7, 2019


Build robust machine learning-based solutions

Look at some of the most crucial problems that are faced by organizations and developers on their journey into AI, and explore a few ways to mitigate them.

Published August 5, 2020


Modernizing your bank loan department

A case study to reduce the time to make decisions and to increase the accuracy of the decisions being made.

Updated July 30, 2020 | Published June 19, 2020


Build a customer care solution

Use artificial intelligence services, such as Watson Discovery, Watson Knowledge Studio, Natural Language Understanding, and Watson Assistant to help your customers manage their insurance claims and get automobile service information.

Published June 29, 2020


Linear regression from scratch

Linear regression is known for being a simple algorithm and a good baseline to compare more complex models to. In this article, explore the algorithm and turn the math into…

Published June 10, 2020


Using deep learning to take on the COVID-19 virus

To apply deep learning for the COVID-19 virus, you need a good data set. You want your model to generalize to the data, such that it can make accurate predictions…

Published April 21, 2020


Classify images with Watson Machine Learning Accelerator

Watson Machine Learning Accelerator is an enterprise AI infrastructure to make deep learning and machine learning more accessible, and brings the benefits of AI to your business. In this article,…

Published April 14, 2020


IBM’s approach to open technology

Learn about our approach to open source, including where we focus our contributions in projects and communities, how we push innovation upstream, and what you should consider when embracing open…

Updated March 31, 2020 | Published May 16, 2016


Neural networks from scratch

Learn the fundamentals of how you can build neural networks without the help of the frameworks that might make it easier to use.

Published March 19, 2020


Introduction to Watson Discovery

Get an overview of Watson Discovery and learn how it can help you unlock hidden value in data to find answers, monitor trends, and surface patterns.

Updated March 5, 2020 | Published July 8, 2019


An introduction to deep learning

Explore this branch of machine learning that's trained on large amounts of data and deals with computational units working in tandem to perform predictions.

Published March 3, 2020