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Erin Schnabel | Appsody

Erin Schnabel shares with us how Appsody provides everything you need to iteratively develop applications, ready for deployment to Kubernetes environments.

Updated November 12, 2019 | Published November 12, 2019


Chris Bailey | Kabanero for the systems architect

Our guest Chris Bailey shares with us the systems architects perspective Kabanero, an open source project focused on bringing together foundational open source technologies into a modern microservices-based framework.

Updated November 11, 2019 | Published November 11, 2019


Brad Topol | Kubernetes

Our guest Brad Topol shares insights into the rise of Kubernetes and tells us his own tech origin story.

Updated October 28, 2019 | Published October 28, 2019


Phil Estes & Liz Rice | Containers and Security

Our guests Phil Estes & Liz Rice join us for a lively discussion about containers, security, and open source communities.

Updated September 20, 2019 | Published September 20, 2019


Diane Mueller | Red Hat OpenShift Commons

Red Hat OpenShift Commons organizer Diane Mueller tells us about the her approach to growing engaged and connected communities.

Updated September 5, 2019 | Published September 5, 2019


IBM Developer Podcast

The IBM Developer podcast is the place where developers hear all about open topics and technologies.

Updated August 8, 2019 | Published July 1, 2019