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Open Project


Appsody provides everything you need to iteratively develop applications, ready for deployment to Kubernetes environments.

Updated July 24, 2019 | Published July 24, 2019

Open Project


Razee is an open-source project that automates and manages the deployment of Kubernetes resources across clusters, environments, and cloud providers.

Updated July 20, 2019 | Published July 22, 2019

Open Project


Kabanero is an open source project that brings together foundational open source technologies into a modern microservices-based framework.

Updated July 16, 2019 | Published July 16, 2019

Open Project

Fabric for Deep Learning (FfDL)

The platform uses a distribution and orchestration layer that facilitates learning from a large amount of data in a reasonable amount of time across compute nodes.

Updated November 16, 2018 | Published November 16, 2018