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Mike Tamir | Reinforcement learning

In their two conversations, Mike Tamir walks host Will Roberts through the current state of reinforcement learning, introduces key concepts, and explains how to get started in the space.

Published August 13, 2020


Cesar Mierzejek | Data Science Leadership Skills

Kinga Parrott, host of the Leadership Series for the IBM Data Science Community, interviews Cesar Mierzejek, Data Scientist at IBM, who shares 3 skills he didn’t know he needed to…

Published June 17, 2020


Nathalie Baracaldo | Federated Learning

Will Roberts discusses federated learning Nathalie Baracaldo who leads the AI Security and Privacy Solutions team and is a Research Staff Member at IBM’s Almaden Research Center.

Published June 3, 2020


Hector Dominguez – AI Ethics Series Part 2

In this episode of the new AI Ethics Series, Join Trisha Mahoney & Paco Nathan for an interview with Hector Dominguez, Open Data coordinator at the City of Portland.

Updated May 20, 2020 | Published May 19, 2020


Yao Yang | AI Ethics Series Part 1

In this episode of the new Data Science Series, Join Trisha Mahoney & Paco Nathan for an interview with Yao Yang, Research Data Scientist at Accenture Tech Labs.

Published May 13, 2020


Karen Matthys and Trisha Mahoney | Women in Data Science

Join Trisha Mahoney for an interview with Karen Matthys, Executive Director of External Partners at Stanford’s Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering (ICME) and Co-Director of the Women in Data…

Published February 5, 2020


The Data Science Podcast

The Data Science Podcast features interviews with data science practitioners working on compelling and contemporary topics in the field.

Updated April 2, 2019 | Published April 2, 2020