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Introduction to machine learning

Understand the basic concepts so that you can work on hands-on assignments.

Updated December 4, 2019 | Published December 4, 2019


The basics of image processing and OpenCV

Get an understanding of image processing by looking at basic terms, then answering questions such as why this field is needed and what the key stages are.

Updated October 25, 2019 | Published October 25, 2019


AutoAI: Humans and machines better together

Learn how AutoAI can automate data preparation, model development, feature engineering, and hyperparameter optimization.

Updated October 18, 2019 | Published October 18, 2019


Gain insight into ESPN fantasy football with Watson

Use AI to make better fantasy football decisions by learning about the system architecture, the hybrid cloud approach, the monitoring strategy, and the fair machine learning pipeline.

Updated September 23, 2019 | Published September 23, 2019


Management and governance of AI frameworks

Recent advancements have raised concerns about security, bias, and trust issues in AI, and this article discusses these challenges and the best practices to operationalize successful AI systems.

Updated September 9, 2019 | Published September 12, 2019


Introduction to IBM Watson Studio

Predict customer churn using IBM Watson Studio ranging from a semi-automated approach using the Model Builder, a diagrammatic approach using SPSS Modeler flows to a fully programmed style using Jupyter…

Updated September 3, 2019 | Published September 3, 2019


Machine learning and bias

Look at the impact of bias and explore ways of eliminating bias from machine learning models

Updated August 27, 2019 | Published August 27, 2019


AI and security

Explore the use of machine learning algorithms in threat detection and management.

Updated August 19, 2019 | Published August 19, 2019


Introduction to Watson Assistant

Get an overview of Watson Assistant and learn how it can help you use the power of AI to connect customers to service resources, keep them engaged, and solve their…

Updated August 6, 2019 | Published August 6, 2019


Introduction to computer vision

Get an overview of computer vision with deep learning and learn how it can help your applications recognize what an image represents or find objects in an image.

Updated July 18, 2019 | Published July 12, 2019


Introduction to Watson Discovery

Get an overview of Watson Discovery and learn how it can help you unlock hidden value in data to find answers, monitor trends, and surface patterns.

Updated July 8, 2019 | Published July 8, 2019


Transfer learning for deep learning

Learn how transfer learning allows you to repurpose models for new problems with less data for training. If you're training a new model for a related problem domain, or you…

Updated June 18, 2019 | Published June 20, 2019


Architectural decisions guidelines

An architectural decisions guide to map individual technology components to the reference architecture and guidelines for deployment considerations.

Updated June 17, 2019 | Published April 8, 2019


Data preprocessing in detail

This article focuses on data preprocessing, which is the first step of data science. It entails the entire pipeline of the preprocessing, and discusses different approaches to each step in…

Updated June 14, 2019 | Published June 14, 2019


Machine learning and gaming

Explore how AI has been applied to turn-based and real-time games and what's on the cutting edge of applied machine learning for games.

Updated June 4, 2019 | Published June 7, 2019


Digital twins and the Internet of Things

Learn about the architecture of digital twins, the problems that they solve in processing IoT data, and the different types of digital twins.

Updated May 13, 2019 | Published May 13, 2019


Knowledge-driven AI features in a self-service analytics platform

IBM Cognos Analytics 11.1 is a the state-of-the-art, self-service analytics platform. It introduces many AI-infused features to help you quickly discover hidden insights, recommend visualizations, and make conversation in natural…

Updated April 9, 2019 | Published April 9, 2019