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Code Pattern

Build a Knative serverless web application

This code pattern demonstrates creating an example travel web app using Node.js, React, and Knative. Learn how to deploy and manage a destinations microservice and UI on Knative as a…

Updated November 19, 2019 | Published November 19, 2019

Code Pattern

Create an insurance quote application using Appsody

Follow the steps in this code pattern to create a sample insurance quote application using Appsody. Appsody is an open source project that gives you a CLI, stacks, and tools…

Updated October 15, 2019 | Published October 15, 2019

Code Pattern

Build a network to support blockchain-enabled crowdfunding

This code pattern showcases blockchain-enabled crowdfunding using a Hyperledger Fabric network to build a platform to aid crowdfunding that creates trust, accountability, and operational transparency.

Updated September 9, 2019 | Published September 9, 2019

Code Pattern

Assemble a pizza-ordering chatbot dialog

The new Watson Conversation Slots feature allows you to create a complex dialog with fewer nodes. Using slots in this example, we can define the fields in one dialog node…

Updated August 19, 2019 | Published September 25, 2017

Code Pattern

Build a secure microservices-based banking application

Learn how to use API Connect for OAuth functions, App Connect for API orchestration, and Node.js to develop a secure microservices-based banking application.

Updated August 15, 2019 | Published August 15, 2019

Code Pattern

Create a banking chatbot

Create a banking chatbot with conversation, natural language understanding, anger detection, and answer discovery from FAQ documents.

Updated August 6, 2019 | Published July 7, 2017

Code Pattern

Java EE application modernization with OpenShift

This code pattern shows how to modernize a Java EE application running on Open Liberty by transforming it into Kubernetes-based microservices. It demonstrates steps to create a container image of…

Updated August 1, 2019 | Published August 1, 2019

Code Pattern

Build a chatbot for your mobile app

Build a Node.js chatbot using Watson Assistant and Elasticsearch that can run on either Kubernetes or Cloud Foundry.

Updated July 22, 2019 | Published July 22, 2019

Code Pattern

Create an Alexa skill with serverless and a conversation

Integrate your Alexa skill with a serverless action and have a conversation about the weather, build your own conversation, or choose a conversation from the Bot Asset Exchange.

Updated July 16, 2019 | Published October 20, 2017

Code Pattern

Locate and count items with object detection

This code pattern demonstrates how to use PowerAI Vision Object Detection to detect and label objects within an image.

Updated July 12, 2019 | Published February 17, 2018

Code Pattern

Serverless image processing with Cloud Object Storage

This sample code shows how to convert, enhance, and analyze images uploaded from a web application to the cloud. Serverless is a natural choice for this type of processing because…

Updated July 10, 2019 | Published July 10, 2019

Code Pattern

Enhance customer helpdesks with Smart Document Understanding

Use Watson Discovery to create an AI-powered chatbot that provides a webhook to call out to other services for additional sources of information, instead of simple predefined responses.

Updated July 8, 2019 | Published June 27, 2019

Code Pattern

Create a cognitive news search app

Build a cognitive news search and trends web app using Node.js and the Watson Discovery service.

Updated June 28, 2019 | Published August 4, 2017

Code Pattern

Get customer sentiment insights from product reviews

Walk through a working example of a web application that queries and manipulates data from the Watson Discovery Service. Use Watson Knowledge Studio to enhance the data enrichments, and then…

Updated June 28, 2019 | Published April 2, 2018

Code Pattern

Build a blockchain insurance app

With its distributed ledger, smart contracts, and non-repudiation capabilities, blockchain is revolutionizing the way financial organizations do business, and the insurance industry is no exception. This code pattern shows you…

Updated May 20, 2019 | Published May 20, 2019

Code Pattern

Create serverless functions to send push notifications

This code pattern demonstrates using push notifications with a serverless back end. When you use a serverless approach for back-end mobile apps, you can run your code or functions based…

Updated April 12, 2019 | Published April 12, 2019

Code Pattern

Create a customer loyalty program with blockchain

Set up a Hyperledger Fabric network on IBM Blockchain Platform, instantiate a smart contract, and develop a Node.js web application with the Hyperledger Fabric SDK to interact with the deployed…

Updated April 5, 2019 | Published April 5, 2019

Code Pattern

Run Node.js code in Jupyter Notebooks

Utilize the power of Node.js in Jupyter Notebooks with pixiedust_node, an open source Python library.

Updated March 28, 2019 | Published August 6, 2018