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Code Pattern

Java EE application modernization with OpenShift

This code pattern shows how to modernize a Java EE application running on Open Liberty by transforming it into Kubernetes-based microservices. It demonstrates steps to create a container image of…

Updated August 1, 2019 | Published August 1, 2019

Code Pattern

Build fault-tolerant microservices

Leverage the fault-tolerance features of Eclipse MicroProfile and Open Liberty to deliver resilient Java micoservices.

Updated June 27, 2019 | Published June 27, 2019

Code Pattern

Make Java microservices resilient with Istio

Leverage Istio service mesh to introduce advanced resiliency and fault tolerance in your applications without changing application code.

Updated August 21, 2017 | Published August 21, 2017

Code Pattern

Manage microservices traffic using Istio

Developers can use a service mesh to manage microservices with load balancing, advanced traffic management, request tracing and connective capabilities.

Updated July 27, 2017 | Published July 27, 2017