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PubLayNet is a large dataset of document images from PubMed Central Open Access Subset. Each document’s layout is annotated with both bounding boxes and polygonal segmentations.

Updated August 15, 2020 | Published October 25, 2019

Blog Post

What’s new in Apache Spark 3.0

The release is a result of more than 3,400 fixes and improvements from more than 440 contributors worldwide.

Published June 30, 2020


Weather Forecaster

Predict hourly weather features given historical data for a specific location

Updated May 26, 2020 | Published September 21, 2018


Leverage deep learning in IBM Cloud Functions

Learn how to monitor a Cloud Object Storage bucket for changes and analyze the data using deep learning microservices

Updated April 17, 2020 | Published October 14, 2019


Question Answering

Answer questions on a given corpus of text

Published September 17, 2019


Leverage deep learning in your Node-RED flows

Process image, video, audio, or text data using deep learning models from the Model Asset Exchange in Node-RED flows.

Updated September 12, 2019 | Published March 14, 2019