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Blockchain for assured cross-domain digital identities

This blockchain-based solution that helps to assure the digital identities of people and systems that communicate across segmented network security environments.

Updated October 23, 2019 | Published October 23, 2019


Horea Porutiu | Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain

Get a quick overview of public and private blockchain concepts, plus a deeper dive into some business use cases with Hyperledger Fabric.

Updated September 24, 2019 | Published September 24, 2019

Code Pattern

Build a network to support blockchain-enabled crowdfunding

This code pattern showcases blockchain-enabled crowdfunding using a Hyperledger Fabric network to build a platform to aid crowdfunding that creates trust, accountability, and operational transparency.

Updated September 9, 2019 | Published September 9, 2019

Code Pattern

Build a blockchain network for trusted IoT

Build a Hyperledger Fabric network to store IoT sensor data and a UI where you can see the history of sensor data.

Updated August 1, 2019 | Published June 25, 2019


Secure your blockchain solutions

Explore key risks that are unique to blockchain solutions, and find out what you can do about them.

Updated July 18, 2019 | Published July 18, 2019


Learning Path: Start working with blockchain

This learning path starts with the fundamentals of blockchain, shows you how to build apps of increasing complexity, and then explores various use cases.

Updated June 12, 2019 | Published June 12, 2019


Blockchain basics: Introduction to distributed ledgers

Everyone is placing bets on how the blockchain technology will revolutionize the way organizations and institutions transact business. Let's look at how a blockchain network operates, how you can take…

Updated June 1, 2019 | Published March 18, 2018