The ubiquity of data is impacting every career and therefore every field of study.  Preparing your students for the hybrid jobs of today requires new curriculum to build data & analytics skills in the context of their chosen field. Whether humanities, physical sciences, engineering, medicine & human science, journalism, sports, or business your students will be better positioned for the job market with data & analytics skills.

Watson Analytics offers you the benefits of advanced analytics without the complexity.

The entire workflow of the citizen analyst can be taught using just one platform – Watson Analytics.

  • Automated data discovery
  • Exploration
  • Guided predictive analytics
  • Recommended visualizations
  • Storytelling

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Careers requiring hybrid skills – Source: Burning Glass


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  1. April 12, 2016

    Steve, Great data on digital and web jobs for establishing an ROI for investing in education as a producer and consumer.

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