Do your students have the skills to manage cybersecurity threats?

Security skills are in high demand and short supply, and organizations around the world are feeling the pain. Many have invested in IBM Security solutions and have all of the necessary tools to prevent and manage cybersecurity threats, but struggle to optimize them without experienced staff. They are looking for graduates with hands-on experience, who are ready to prevent, detect and respond to today’s advanced threats.

Help your students build the necessary skills using the IBM Security Learning Academy

This full service learning management platform offers direct access to technical learning at no cost. The site features:

Videos & Demos
Self-paced Training
Hands-on Labs
Webinar/Seminar Series
Open Mics
Customized Learning Roadmaps

The Learning Academy provides the perfect platform for quick demonstrations, answers to “how to” questions and troubleshooting tips. Bookmark this URL and share it with colleagues and students at every opportunity so they can start growing their skills with IBM Security solutions:


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