IBM provides self serve, free access to industry assets to faculty and students at accredited academic institutions through our store at These assets are to be used for teaching, learning and non-commercial research. They may not be used in production as these are the same assets sold to clients that IBM is making available to the academic community specifically for academic use.

Get hands on experience with a wide range of assets available from blockchain, data/analytics, cloud, cognitive, IOT, security and more. While IBM does not provide hands on support, there are a number of self help sites and communities to assist.

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Software, courseware, and cloud-platform assets

Download or access powerful cloud environments, software, and in-demand courseware through The following people may be eligible to leverage any of these self-serve, no-charge, self-help resources:

  • Educators and students at eligible primary, secondary, and higher-learning schools
  • Research professionals at accredited institutions
  • IBM employees whose work supports the academic community

Get almost-instant access to IBM assets by following these steps:

  1. Use your school credentials to register at If your eligible institution is not already registered, request to have it added.
  2. Find and select an asset in which you are interested. Students can select assets from the student catalog, and educators can select assets from the faculty catalog.
  3. Add as many IBM assets as you like to your cart, and start the check-out process when ready.
  4. Agree to the terms of use when prompted.

Your order receipt is displayed upon successful checkout. Depending on the assets you ordered, you may see any of the following on your order receipt:

  • A promo code for extended cloud access
  • A button to download software or courseware
  • Instructions for additional steps, such as how to leverage Watson Analytics or when IBM will be contacting you directly to set up enterprise cloud access.

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Extended IBM cloud access

The explosion of Internet of Things, mobile, big data, and analytics is driving the need for students to learn and explore how flexible cloud platforms can enable innovation.

Users can quickly develop and deploy applications in the most popular programming languages including mobile apps for iOS, Android, and HTML with JavaScript. Users can also gain experience creating innovative solutions with access to various data options–from predictive analytics to big data to cognitive computing.

IBM offers faculty and students the opportunity to receive extended access to the IBM Cloud with no requirement for credit card information. The IBM Cloud is a standards-based platform as a service (PaaS) that offers a choice of scalable and flexible resources in one consistent experience.

Faculty promotion codes will extend access to the IBM Cloud as a trial account for up to one year and increase the account usage to allow up to 40 services running concurrently with up to 8 GB of memory. Student promotion codes will extend IBM Cloud accounts as a trial account for up to 6 months and allow up to 10 services running concurrently with up to 2 GB of memory.

Students can leverage this offer to develop their skills in the classroom, as a part of a competition team, or to test out ideas they might want to try to commercialize in the future. In addition to their own Student Developer Community, students have direct access to many of the same resources as faculty:

Courses that require students to gain hands-on experience with industry-leading cloud-based services will benefit from this offer. Courses can include but are not limited to:

  • Computer science — application development, cognitive computing/Watson
  • Engineering – mobile, DevOps
  • Information science – cloud computing
  • Business school — analytics, ecommerce
  • Data science – Hadoop, big data
  • Entrepreneurship

Examples of job categories and target skills include:

  • Developers and software engineers with experience developing mobile and web applications who want to stand out by acquiring cognitive, Internet of Things, and agile DevOps skills
  • Business, marketing, and communications professionals who want to stand out by acquiring skills to influence digital experiences
  • Entrepreneurs who need flexibility to design and scale market-ready applications in minutes

Educator guides

Refer to our educator guides for hot topic areas.

IBM Skills Academy

IBM helps you teach students market-ready skills through the IBM Skills Academy. Educators can benefit from the adoption of a cloud-enabled learning environment provided by IBM. This platform contains a series of IBM official training courses that accelerate the adoption of the latest technology in the university curriculum. Students work on real-life industry scenarios to develop critical-thinking skills.

University Programs

Begin your journey for Cognitive Computing, Blockchain, IoT, Quantum Computing, Cyber Security, Big Data / Analytics, and beyond at the University Programs site.