Terms of use questions

What are the terms of use?

When checking out, all users are prompted to agree to the applicable terms of use: Academic Initiative program agreement

You may also reference the Software usage guidelines

What is considered “eligible academic use”?

Offerings provided by IBM through OnTheHub.com may be used for teaching, learning, and non-commercial research. The offerings may be used in lecture notes, presentations, and assignments for courses taught at an accredited academic institution. Refer to the Software Usage Guidelines for specific restrictions that apply to certain products.

Non-commercial research is research from which the results will be published in the public domain and not provided exclusively to the sponsoring organization. If research results are the exclusive property of a specific organization, this is considered “research for hire,” and it is not non-commercial research. If the results are to be published in conference proceedings or technical journals, the use is acceptable.

What countries can participate?

IBM makes assets available to the academic community worldwide except for the following countries: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria. In addition for these countries we have restricted access to SPSS Modeler: Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela.

Is there a limit on how many products or courses I can download and use?

There is no limit to what you can download from the IBM catalog available through OnTheHub.com, as long as you follow the usage terms that you agreed to upon successful check out.

Can I make copies of the software offerings?

Registered members of OnTheHub.com who successfully ordered IBM software may make copies for eligible academic use, including teaching, learning, and non-commercial research. The offerings may not be distributed to others who are not involved in your teaching or research. For more information, read the Software Usage Guidelines.

Can students obtain software to use on their personal machines?

A faculty member registered with OnTheHub.com can load software onto a secure server and enable qualified students to download it directly from that server. That faculty member may also create as many copies of the software as needed and load it on students’ machines. Faculty members and students are both responsible for adhering to the Academic Program Agreement as well as the Software Usage Guidelines.

As an IBM employee, how do I get access?

IBM employees are NOT ELIGIBLE to register at ibm.onthehub.com because you must be an academic to successfully register.

IBM employees who support the academic community as part of their job with IBM may register with our mirror site at ibmstaff.onthehub.com using your IBM provided email address. Please note that it is NOT associated with the IBM ID system and you will need to provide a separate password for your OnTheHub account.

IBM employees are NOT eligible for the cloud access offers and will not be contacted by the IBM team should they order one of those assets as part of a demonstration with the academic community.

Extended cloud access questions

What are the details about the no-charge extended cloud-access offer for educators and students?

IBM offers educators and students the opportunity to receive upgraded access to IBM Cloud services with no requirement for credit card information.

For more information refer to the Academic Initiative for Cloud offer questions.

How do educators and students qualify for this offering?

Educators and students simply need to validate their institution credentials by signing-in to onthehub.com/ibm. Alternatively, you can request an account or complete registration by clicking on the Register button and following the prompts.

IBM reserves the right to prioritize program processing or acceptance based on country restrictions or other criteria.

How do I: get access to IBM Cloud / request an academic code?

  1. Go to ibm.onthehub.com, and click the Faculty or Student tab.
  2. Select the Cloud – Cloud Access icon in the IBM catalog, and add the IBM Cloud code to your cart (sign in and or register using your school credentials if you haven’t already).
  3. Click the shopping cart icon to proceed to check out.
  4. Read and accept the terms of use. Note that IBM reserves the right to prioritize program processing or acceptance based on country restrictions or other criteria.

Upon completion of your order, your order receipt provides instructions for how to create your IBM Cloud account if you have not already created one and how to redeem the unique academic code that is displayed on your order receipt.

You will also receive the instructions in an email receipt. If you need to retrieve your code later, just return to the ibm.onthehub.com site and click on your account/orders at the top right to view your order history (or if you ordered through your organization’s store, you’d go back to that store’s site).

When does the IBM Cloud code expire?

The IBM Cloud academic code expiration date is set based on the month you checkout – faculty codes are set for 12 months and student codes for 6 months. Again, please note that the code dates are based on when you order the code–not from the date you apply the code. This is also true for both student and faculty. The faster you redeem the code, the more time you will have on the platform at no charge. Learn more.

Can I extend my cloud-access time by requesting and applying multiple codes?

You can apply multiple codes to your IBM Cloud account. Students can order another code in 20 weeks and Faculty can order another code after 40 weeks. We strongly recommend keeping your trial account active by applying new code.Expired trial accounts may NOT be reactivated with another code and reactivating or deleting requires opening a support ticket.

How do students get access to the offer?

Students receive direct access for the cloud offer only through OnTheHub.com/IBM.

Students can leverage this offer to develop their skills in the classroom, as a part of a competition team, or to test out ideas they might want to try to commercialize in the future. In addition to their own Student Developer Community, students have direct access to many of the same resources as faculty.

How do I get access to IBM Watson?

Go to OnTheHub.com/IBM and select the Watson box then Click on the Cloud Access, Courses or Software icon in that box and follow the instructions to add the assets to your cart for free.

What training is available?

Check Events and the Cloud Events calendar for the latest training and enablement opportunities.

What types of cloud services will be made available?

Refer to the Academic Initiative for Cloud Offer questions.

Please note that terms for Third Party services are not covered under this offer and may vary. As stated in the Cloud Notices, it is the user’s responsibility to evaluate and verify the operation of any non-IBM product, program, or service.

What are the terms/conditions and time limits of use?

Faculty and students must accept the IBM legal terms and conditions provided during the OnTheHub checkout process. The global version of the terms is provided at this support link, country agreements may vary. August 2016 Academic Initiative Program Agreement

Additionally each faculty and student using the Cloud offer will need to create an IBM Cloud account (if they don’t already have one) and agree to the IBM Cloud Account terms. Offer may change over time.

Because this is a cloud-based offer, all participants are responsible to provide their own internet access.

Is there courseware already created?

Yes, educators can leverage courseware, guides, and labs that we’ve developed for our cloud services. Go to OnTheHub.com/IBM and click the Courses tab in each topic area.

Watch this brief video to learn more.

Does IBM restrict the use of IP created by faculty or students built through this program?

Faculty who are creating course materials and labs using the resources provided by IBM must give proper IBM attributions. Once those materials are created, faculty might also consider following the process outlined by the Creative Commons copyright licenses and tools prior to sharing with IBM or other faculty.

Additionally, any new content, such as labs or applications, created by faculty or students are owned by them. We invite all participants to share and publish source code in public repositories, such as GitHub. When sharing your work with others, we suggest you consider an open-source license. GitHub created choosealicense.com, which is a website that helps you make decisions about how to license your code. The Open Source Initiative is another organization that can help you share your code as open source.

Download questions

How do I download software or courseware?

Educators can download many of IBM’s latest software and courseware assets through OnTheHub.com/IBM at no charge. Complete these steps:

  1. Go to OnTheHub.com/ibm to see the breadth of offerings available.
  2. Register and then sign in using your academic institution ID and password that you created during your OnTheHub registration.
  3. Find the software and courseware that you want. Most of the software packages are bundled in eAssemblies.
  4. Add the assets to your cart, and proceed to check out.
  5. Read and accept the applicable terms of use. When checkout is complete, your order receipt will have links to your downloads.

Watch this brief video to learn more.

What are the optimum system settings for downloading software or courseware?

  • Use a high-speed communication line to decrease the amount of time it takes to download software. Sufficient disk space to store the files is necessary.
  • Ensure that you have pop-up blockers disabled (pop-up blockers are often enabled by default for the Chrome browser).
  • Turn off JavaScript debugging. For example, for Internet Explorer, click Tools > Internet Options; click the Advanced tab; and, under the Browsing category, check the box entitled Disable script debugging.

Can I download assets more than once?

Yes, as long as you continue to follow the terms of use. To download assets that you’ve already downloaded, go to OnTheHub.com/IBM, and click the Account/Orders tab to see your completed orders and download links. Click to download any assets again.

Can I get software or courseware on CDs instead of download?

IBM does not offer this option.

How do I proceed if I’ve downloaded a .bin or tar.gz file?

To extract a .bin file, you can find instructions in the technote Installation of IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio on Linux Platforms.

To extract a tar.gz file, you can find instructions in Question #3 of this developerWorks FAQ.

How do I obtain software license keys?

Refer to the following resources:

Is SPSS part of the IBM asset catalog and is it freely available to all faculty and students?

IBM SPSS Modeler Premium is available free for faculty and students for academic (non-production) use.

Support questions

How do I get support for the IBM assets provided?

IBM does not provide support or maintenance for the educational resources available through this no-charge, self-serve, self-help web store.

IBM provides no-charge assistance for most IBM technology through web-based, self-service forums and portals, which permit access to a knowledge-base of documentation, frequently asked questions, hints and tips, technical notes, readme files, programming samples, newsgroups, product fixes, and product evaluations.

Links to most IBM support resources can be found at:

Additional, more-specific support is available through the following resources:

What support is available for end users (educators and students) in the event of technical problems with the OnTheHub store?

Click the Help link at the upper right-hand corner of the OnTheHub page.