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AdoptOpenJDK has a new home and name

The AdoptOpenJDK project, which provides pre-built binaries based upon the open source OpenJDK project, has just announced that it will move to the Eclipse Foundation. AdoptOpenJDK provides a trusted location where users can download binaries of OpenJDK builds, which are free under an open source license. The project allows developers to download these builds for development or production usage on the desktop, server, and for inclusion in Docker builds. The project has been quite successful, with over 165M downloads at the time of this writing.

Along with the move to the Eclipse Foundation, the project has a new name: Eclipse Adoptium. The move and name change are being made to ensure vendor independence and long-term viability of the project. As you know, the Eclipse Foundation has a number of key projects, such as Jakarta EE, under its umbrella, with the foundation providing the necessary legal and operational support for its projects.

You can read the complete announcement on the AdoptOpenJDK blog.