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Create a web app for users to upload and view images

We all know how image repositories can grow to an enormous size over time and become an unwelcomed storage hog. You need a place to store images that is highly available, scalable, redundant, secure, and economical. IBM Cloud Object Storage is the perfect place to try out a storage option. You can set it up in few minutes on a cloud infrastructure and create some buckets for different types or classes of data. It makes sense to create one for images because we interact with them differently.

While Cloud Object Storage makes a great storage tier, there is no front end that allows users to interact with your files. The good news is that you can use the API to create a web app for users to upload and view images. IBM Cloud provides a build template for a Cloud Foundry Node.js, and with minimal effort you have your web gallery app up and running. Because Cloud Object Storage implements an S3 API, the IBM Cloud Object Storage – Node.js SDK npm package handles all your S3 operations, including accessing your bucket, and getting information about the image objects. Other packages like Multer and Multer S3 work together with the S3 SDK to handle web form uploads to your image bucket. I recommend setting up continuous delivery for fully automated builds and deployments directly from GitHub.

Giving users an accessible and familiar way to add and view images from a web browser couldn’t be easier. You can use this code pattern to get started developing a simple Cloud Object Storage image gallery on IBM Cloud using Node.js and Express. Regardless of what kind of data you are storing, the possibilities are endless for applications that empower users to store, access, and manage data objects in the cloud.