On Wednesday, Dec. 5, at 10am EST, join Sebastian Daschner in a webinar on helping Java developers face the challenges of microservices development in cloud environments.

Sebastian Daschner, Java Champion, developer advocate, and author of the book Architecting Modern Java EE Applications, will show how to implement cloud-native microservices with Enterprise Java.

Attendees will learn:

  • Why it is a good idea to combine Jakarta EE and MicroProfile, and how their APIs complement each other, which allows you to efficiently develop applications
  • Why it makes sense to build on a runtime that supports both of these technologies, such as Open Liberty
  • How to deploy a cloud-native application to container orchestration environments powered by Docker and Kubernetes

Those of you who know Sebastian might already suspect that there will be live-coding and demos involved. You’ll see a cloud-native, microservice example, which will be deployed during the webinar. The sources will be made available on GitHub.

Join the webinar