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Develop a global finance web app that uses blockchain and a Node.js smart contract

The IBM Blockchain Platform Extension for VS Code makes it very easy to build and test blockchain applications for a Hyperledger Fabric network. Using this extension, you can start working on a Node.js smart contract and package the contract by choosing an option from the extension. Then, with a few clicks you can bring up a local instance of a Fabric network on your machine. You can then can install and instantiate the smart contract on the network, again with a just few clicks and some input. And you can do all of this without leaving the Visual Studio code editor where you are writing the smart contract.

While working on the app that is interacting with the contract, you can update the ports on your network connection to the Fabric network created by the IBM Blockchain Platform Extension and run the application directly. That way, you can develop a smart contract and test it through an application. This truly simplifies the process of creating blockchain projects for Hyperledger Fabric.

The code pattern Create a global finance blockchain application with IBM Blockchain Platform Extension for VS Code shows you how to develop a Node.js smart contract and web application for a Global Finance with blockchain use case. The members on this network include buyer, seller, provider, shipper, and financial company. The application demonstrates how an order created by a buyer can be tracked as it is updated by the different members on the network. The order is updated as it is purchased from the seller. The seller can then pick the provider to get the items from. Next, the provider has the items shipped through a shipper that can provide a delivery status as it is delivered to the buyer. Once it’s delivered and a payment is authorized by the buyer, the financial company can process the payment.

This global finance application addresses dispute resolution and allows members to directly update their status. This use case can be applied to different industries for financing their orders. Explore the smart contract and the application in this code pattern, and give it a run using the IBM Blockchain Platform Extension for VS Code.