Java 12 is around the corner

The new release schedule for Java is kicking in on schedule now. Java 12 beta releases are now available for you to start playing with and testing your code! March 2019 is the official release date for Java 12 in the new six-month release cadence.

Many developers are still on Java 8 — and that’s fine! The ethos of the Java developer community has long been around rock-solid reliability and top performance. After all, Java code dominates in banking, health-care, and even social media (Twitter) — all the things that make the world go round.

The releases after Java 8 were the first ones to break the long-standing “infinite deprecation” policy; for the first time ever, deprecated classes and features are actually being removed! It’s never too early to start learning the new language features beyond Java 8 and to plan for an orderly migration to a newer Java release. And, trust us, there’s a lot of goodness in the newer versions, such as language features like var and performance improvements in the GC.

Long-term support (LTS) releases will still be on a three-year release cycle. Intermediate releases will be numbers, like Java 10 and 12, on a six-month schedule, as reflected in the OpenJDK project. What does this mean for the Java developer? We can hopefully expect language and JVM features to appear faster, so that you can utilize them in your code bases earlier.

One thing to note is that the support timeline for JDKs has changed. We encourage you to check out AdoptOpenJDK community, which offers the most comprehensive support for OpenJDK.