An invitation to App Autoscaler talks at Cloud Foundry Summit Europe 2018

If you are attending the upcoming Cloud Foundry Summit Europe October 10-11, 2018 in Basel, Switzerland, we invite you to join the sessions about the new of App Autoscaler extension project.

What is App Autoscaler?

The App Autoscaler is a Cloud Foundry extension project that automatically scales Cloud Foundry applications based on workload.

We started this open source project as a Cloud Foundry incubation project based on an IBM code donation two years ago. Core committers are from IBM, SAP and Fujitsu, and we are globally located in Australia, India, the United States, and China.

Now App Autoscaler is running in production in SAP and Swisscom. IBM Cloud is also migrating from a proprietary autoscaler to this open source edition. It is coming soon in both the multi-tenant Cloud Foundry environment and the isolated Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment in IBM Cloud.

Why should I use it?

Do you want to keep your application healthy no matter how the workload changes? Do you want to just pay for the instances that you need? App Autoscaler addresses both of these common concerns.

What can I learn from the talks at the Cloud Foundry Summit?

We have three sessions for App Autoscaler project:

This technical session gives you an overview of the project, the architecture design, and future roadmaps. We also demonstrate how to use BOSH to deploy the autoscaler service and how to use a command line interface to manage autoscaling policies and to monitor application performance and query scaling histories.

This technical session covers a new feature that we are now developing. Learn how developers can use it to scale applications based on custom metrics beyond the standard metrics.

You can meet our key project members in project office hours to ask questions about this project and share any thoughts and feedback you have.

Where can I get the schedule?

You can get schedule of these three sessions from searching with keyword ‘autoscaler’.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Basel, Switzerland for Cloud Foundry Summit Europe 2018!

The App Autoscaler project team:

  • Bo Yang, Yang Qi, Ying Liu, IBM
  • Pradyut Sarma, Tanmoy Pal, Rohit Sharma, SAP