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In the aftermath of disaster, you don’t have time to think about security and scalability – you need to build it into your application from the start! Using hyper-secure data at rest, you can enable first responders and relief organizations to safely and securely collect and use personal data about those impacted. This also ensures that the application will scale and perform when you need it most, during unplanned usage peaks. Plus, it maximizes performance and throughput when seconds count.

Applications deployed in the aftermath of a disaster need to be reliable and trusted, and should scale and perform as the situation demands. Application developers can easily use IBM’s Hyper Protect DBaaS as the backend data store for their services to keep sensitive data fully protected and secure. This unique DBaaS allows data to be stored in a highly secured enterprise cloud service, and is a perfect match for workloads with sensitive data. It allows you to retain your data in a fully encrypted client database without the need for specialized skills.

Hyper Protect DBaaS gives developers the ability to provision, manage, maintain, and monitor multiple database types like MongoDB through standardized APIs. It also protects against threats of data breach and data manipulation by leveraging LinuxONE pervasive encryption, scalability, performance, and IBM Secure Service Container technology behind the scenes. Developers who use Hyper Protect DBaaS as their backend data store can ensure that those affected by a disaster will not be further compromised by a data breach.

Hyper Protect DBaaS is easy to use, fully secure, and can be up and running in the matter of minutes. Protect the sensitive data you are collecting without requiring specialized security skills by using Hyper Protect DBaaS. To start quickly and easily, see our how-to, “Quickly create a hyper-secure database.”