LoopBack 4 GA is now available!

Last November, we released the first developer preview of LoopBack 4. Since then, we’ve been busy enhancing the API creation framework to make it simpler to use and easier to extend.

We’re excited to announce that LoopBack 4 is GA (general availability) and ready for production use. Some of our users have already built LoopBack 4 applications and now you can do the same, too. In addition to our new version of LoopBack 4, we also recently announced a new project oasgraph which makes it very easy to add GraphQL API to your application’s REST API.

LoopBack 4 highlights

LoopBack already enables you to create APIs in minutes and gives you out-of-box integration with over 20+ databases and services. New enchancements in LoopBack 4 include:

  • New core written in TypeScript for easier extensibility and composability
  • Bottom-up and top-down REST API experience driven by OpenAPI spec
  • Instant GraphQL endpoints from REST APIs

Learn more

Check out the StrongLoop blog for more information about the LoopBack 4 release.