Team Blockhead at Cloud Foundry Summit Europe 2018

It’s time for another Cloud Foundry conference in Europe. Cloud Foundry Summit Europe 2018 in Basel is a few weeks away. It is always exciting to go to Europe and promote Cloud Foundry and the kind of contributions that IBM and other companies are making to Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes, and open source platform as a serivce (PaaS) in general.

This year’s conference is more personal and especially of interest to me and my colleagues in Team Blockhead for many reasons. After the hackathon win of Team Blockhead in the North American Cloud Foundry Summit in Boston and the Hackernoon blog post we wrote about it, the project got accepted as a CF-Extension. Being part of the CF-Extensions project gave Project Blockhead an official home where our team is working hard to rewrite a leaner version of the blockchain service broker in Go.

But what makes this Cloud Foundry summit more exciting? Following the interest the project received, Swetha Repakula and I are invited to give a keynote about the Blockhead hackathon project and its CF-Extension descendant at the summit in Basel.

One of the biggest promises for Project Blockhead is to extend PaaS to facilitate management of blockchain nodes similar to how it facilitates managing twelve-factor applications.

I am glad we will have the opportunity to discuss the improved experience of using blockchain in PaaS to the larger audience attending Cloud Foundry Summit Europe 2018.

In addition to the keynote, Morgan Bauer and I will give a more detailed talk on the internal details of the broker and integration plans with various public and private blockchain networks. This talk is mostly intended for dApp developers and PaaS operators interested in adding a blockchain twist to their platforms.

Finally, I will hold an office hour during the summit to share ideas on how to make Project Blockhead more useful to the community. This is an excellent opportunity to brainstorm and make your voice heard if you want to have an impact on the project or contribute to it. After all, this is an open source project, and we love external contributors.

Cloud Foundry Summit 2018 in Basel is really special to Team Blockhead, and we hope to share in the excitement with the broader Cloud Foundry community. If you happen to be there, don’t shy away. Come talk to us!

alt Team Blockhead, left to right: Jonathan Berkhan, Swetha Repakula, Nima Kaviani and Morgan Bauer