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Each week we bring you hands-on webcasts and videos covering the most requested technologies and tools for the productive developer. Check out the following schedule, add them to your calendar and subscribe to our Developer Webcast Newsletter so you never miss out.


12/5/2018: Deploying your machine learning model to unlock its potential


1/8/2019: Use blockchain to improve efficiency and transparency in a coffee bean supply chain


12/3/2018: Helm 101: An introduction to Helm charts

12/4/2018: Introducing Knctl, a command line tool for Knative

12/6/2018: Using Istio with your CI/CD pipeline


12/10/2018: Predict equipment failure using IoT sensor data

1/9/2019: Setting up the hardware platform for long range IoT systems that use LoRaWAN networking


12/7/2018: Serverless Swift for mobile developers