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Webinar: What every technical leader needs to know about blockchain in 2020

Check out the rebroadcast of our webinar on what every technical leader should know about blockchain in 2020. Top blockchain technical leaders from IBM and Red Hat show you how the powerful combination of the IBM Blockchain Platform and Red Hat OpenShift can meet enterprise needs for scalability, privacy, flexibility, fault tolerance, and distributed network architecture.

Topics include:

  • Running distributed applications (dapps) across hybrid and multicloud environments including AWS, Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP
  • Co-opetition in building open source blockchain protocols like Hyperledger Fabric
  • Stability around the migration from Kafka to Raft for a more distributed ordering service in Hyperledger Fabric
  • How incumbents and startups are scaling up their blockchain networks as they grow
  • Security tools for permissioned blockchain governance with state channels
  • Scalability performance testing in transition from MVP to production
  • Writing smart contracts in any language — Java, Go, JavaScript — with easy-to-use tools and templates
  • How to run the IBM Blockchain Platform on the IBM Cloud as a fully managed service (SaaS) or deploy on any cloud with Red Hat OpenShift and Kubernetes
  • Plus answers to frequently asked questions including:
    • How is IBM contributing to interoperable blockchain tokens with the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance?
    • What are the biggest technical challenges to deploying a blockchain network?
    • And many more!