• IBM continues to transform your support experience. To help you more easily connect with IBM Support and the user community, many IBM business areas and products have consolidated their participation in the previously existing forums like IBM Developer Answers (developerWorks Answers) to the new IBM Support forum.

    Some business areas and products, like IBM Z Support, have moved or are in the process of converting their IBM Developer Answers questions into technical documents. You can find these technical documents by using the search on the IBM Support Site.

    IBM Z Clients:

    For IBM Z products, IBM encourages clients to use the new IBM Support forum to communicate with each other. Z clients will need to open a case if they need to engage IBM support. There are many Preferred Care options for IBM Z that provide usage support to assist with non-defect installation and product-related questions.

    SPSS Licensing:

    IBM Cloud:

    If you use IBM Cloud, find answers in the IBM Cloud Support Center. There, you can view personalized topics, FAQs, troubleshooting, and community resources for your offering. And, check out the full FAQ library.

    Other non-Support:

    For all other non-support questions, the communities in the IBM Community ecosystem are available to assist you.

  • All questions that were migrated from IBM Developer Answers have a redirect in place to automatically take you to the new location.

  • Use the search bar to search for the same tags you used in the previous forum OR choose your product to sort the questions and narrow down what you’re looking for. You can also search for the tag or the title of the question in the forum search bar.

  • Not all questions were migrated. We kept our migration to only the newest and most relevant topics. Our Support and Development areas of the business chose the content to migrate. In general, content 18 months or newer and content important despite age were migrated.

  • Yes. Many of our Support and Development IBMers also participate in the forums to both ask and help answer questions. Some of our business areas such as ZSystems Software use forums as a client to client experience only.

  • Yes! Our development team for the IBM Support Site is working very hard to improve the functionality with the goal of bringing it to functional parity with the heritage forums.

Keep an eye on the IBM Support Insider page for updates as we continue to evolve your forums and IBM Support experience.