Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I receive access to API keys?

You need to start a trial or purchase the service to obtain API keys. Once you are entitled to the service, you should see your API keys listed on the My APIs page as well as the API details page of the service offering. The keys that are shown at the top of the service offering details page will be used when testing the APIs in the interactive documentation.

What does each API key represent?

Each key represents a single trial or subscription to an IBM service offering. The API key contains a client ID and secret.

My API client secret has been stolen. What do I do?

Go to the My APIs page and look for the Request new API secret link under your current "client secret." Clicking on that link will revoke access for the current secret and generate a new secret for you to use.

I don't see the "Request new API secret" link option on the My APIs page. What do I do?

In order to have access to regenerate an API secret, you must have the "Application Developer" role on the subscription. To assign the Application Developer role, you must be an "Administrator" of the subscription. Please log in to My IBM Services using your IBM id. You should see a list of users that are in your company's organization. Click on the user that you would like to add the role to, select AppDeveloper under the Account Administrative Role, and click Save.

Can I get a temporary key to use before I regenerate the existing API secret, rendering the existing secret invalid?

Yes. To do so, just open up a support ticket against the offering where you need to replace your API secret.

Where can I open requests for feature enhancements to the IBM API Explorer site?

Go to the developerWorks RFE community and select the API Explorer link from the products drop-down list under the "Filter the page content by brand and product" heading. From this filtered view, you can:

  • Collaborate directly with the API Explorer development team and other users
  • View features that other community members request
  • Vote for your favorites
  • Open your own request for a feature enhancement

What are the payload and element Limits?

The maximum request or response payload for an API call is currently 25MB. If the payload is application/xml or application/json and processed by our gateway, the maximum limit is 4MB. See JSON and XML Limits below for more details.

JSON Limits - Enforced against JSON document

Document Size
Nesting Depth
Label String Length
Value String Length
Number Length
Maximum Value
4,194,304 bytes (4MB)
64 levels
256 bytes
4,194,304 bytes (4MB)
128 bytes

XML Limits - Enforced against JSONx document

Bytes Scanned
Element Depth
Node Size
Maximum Value
4,194,304 bytes (4MB)
512 levels
33,554,432 bytes (32MB)