Incentive Compensation Management


Incentive Compensation Management

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This IBM Incentive Compensation Management API allows you to develop integrated applications.

The API allows Incentive Compensation Management modules to be available or linked into an existing program to complete the required tasks. The API uses HTTP verbs and a RESTful endpoint structure. Request and response payloads are formatted as JSON.

The intent of this API section is to provide client organizations that want to access Incentive Compensation Management in a programmatic way with an interoperable option. Some common uses include the following scenarios:

  • Client organizations that want to retrieve calculated or statistical data from Incentive Compensation Management for use in other downstream applications, such as portal applications, reporting, or other systems.
  • Client organizations that want to leverage web services to more tightly integrate systems.
  • Client organizations that want to programatically trigger Incentive Compensation Management with existing third-party scheduling or application management software.
  • Partner ogranizations that want to integrate their solution more closely with Incentive Compensation Management.

The previous scenarios involve querying Incentive Compensation Management, retrieving data from the system, updating data within the system, and adding data to the system.

Getting started

Authentication and Headers

With each API call to Incentive Compensation Management, you must set request headers, including an access token. The REST API calls are authenticated through a JSON web token.

The JSON web token is obtained by running a POST against the URL. The JSON web token expires after six hours.

POST /login




With each API call, you must set the following three request headers including the JSON web token:

Request header Description

Set to Bearer X, where X is the JSON web token obtained from the login call.

For example, Authorization: Bearer web token


Set to the model to perform the action on.


Set to application/json.

The Incentive Compensation Management REST API can be accessed through any network capable language, such as C# and Python, or by using tools, such as Postman or Curl.



Pick a key to use with this API. Make sure you are logged in with your IBM id for your keys to be populated in the dropdown below. By selecting a key, it will be pre-filled for each endpoint in the Documentation section that can be used with the built-in testing. If you want to change which key to use for a particular endpoint, you can do so at the endpoint in the Documentation section.
You can manage your API keys in the <MyAPIs> section. API keys authenticate you to your subscription, so make sure to keep them secret. Do not share the X-IBM-Client-Secret portion of any API key in publicly accessible places such as GitHub, or client-side code.

Manage your keys


Incentive Compensation Management:

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