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Visual Recognition Dedicated

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The IBM Watson Visual Recognition Dedicate service uses deep learning algorithms to identify scenes and objects in images you upload to the service. You can create and train a custom classifier to identify subjects that suit your needs. Valid username and password credentials from IBM Cloud are required for all calls.

Getting started

API Endpoint

The endpoint URL used in these examples ( is not your actual service endpoint. Find your endpoint URL on the Service Credentials page in your instance of the Visual Recognition Dedicated Service on IBM Cloud.


You authenticate to the Visual Recognition Dedicated API by providing the username and password that are provided in the service credentials for the service instance that you want to use.After you create an instance of the Visual Recognition Dedicated service, you can view the username and password by selecting Service Credentials from the left pane of the service dashboard.

Error Handling

The Visual Recognition Dedicated service uses standard HTTP response codes to display whether a method completed successfully. A 200 response always indicates success. A 400 type response is some sort of failure, and a 500 type response usually indicates an internal system error.200 - Partial Success: Problems with an individual image in an otherwise successful request, for example, an image of invalid type400 - Invalid Request: Invalid request. Here are some common reasons: - Bad JSON input - Bad query parameter or header - Invalid output language - No input images - Corrupt .zip file401 - Unauthorized: No username/password provided, or the username/password provided was not valid.404 - Not Found: The requested item or parameter doesn't exist.413 - Request Entity Too Large: The size of the .zip file in the request is larger than the maximum supported size.500 - Internal Server Error: Too many training requests or general server communication problems.



Pick a key to use with this API. Make sure you are logged in with your IBM id for your keys to be populated in the dropdown below. By selecting a key, it will be pre-filled for each endpoint in the Documentation section that can be used with the built-in testing. If you want to change which key to use for a particular endpoint, you can do so at the endpoint in the Documentation section.
You can manage your API keys in the <MyAPIs> section. API keys authenticate you to your subscription, so make sure to keep them secret. Do not share the X-IBM-Client-Secret portion of any API key in publicly accessible places such as GitHub, or client-side code.

Manage your keys


Visual Recognition Dedicated:

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