Guest post by Ben Mann. Ben Mann is a Portfolio Product Manager based in IBM’s fabled Hursley Lab in Winchester, UK – the home of CICS and WebSphere MQ. He’s involved in everything to do with IBM’s Connectivity & Integration portfolio including the WebSphere MQ family of messaging products, IBM’s Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) WebSphere Message Broker and Visibility and Control for SOA with WebSphere Service Registry & Repository. You can read more of this thoughts here.

I’m excited to be involved in a collaboration with Asda’s fashion brand George, encouraging developers to imagine and create the next generation of engaging mobile apps for retail.

Later this week, Asda will be inviting a select group of application developers to a Fashion and Design studio in Soho, London and opening up access to the data and IT services behind its George products. Teams of developers will use the data and services on George product to compete in creating the most original, innovative and engaging new applications in a bid to win prizes and kudos from their peers. - EZA PURCHASES ITSO Gettylink

The developers will have less than 27 hours to come up with ideas, code working prototypes, as well as eat and sleep (optional!) before they present their solutions to a panel of judges in the afternoon the second day.

How will developers produce cool apps in such a short time? APIs. IBM has helped Asda George turn their product data and services – such as search product catalogs and checking stock levels – into a set of APIs that provide easy access to tap into Asda’s IT systems. APIs enable the developers to rapidly and easily experiment and combine together these services to quickly build new applications.

In addition the APIs George are opening up for this event can be easily combined with APIs from other sources – such as services that provide weather forecasts, location and mapping, access to social media, SMS text messaging and sensors in the Internet of Things.

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