IBM API Program Director Andy Thurai (@AndyThurai) and Programmable Web/ API Science founder John Musser (@JohnMusser) discuss the following topics in this podcast:

1. APIs and Science behind it.
2. KPIs for APIs – What to really measure for your APIs?
3. What is the most common measured public API metric for over 10,000 APIs.
4. Is the call volume the right thing to measure for APIs?
5. Do you know what an API Vanity metric is?
6. Who is your API audience? What is the purpose of your APIs?
7. API developer funnel concept
8. Do you know what API Devx means?
9. Why is Twilio so successful?
10. Do you know what a TTFHW for an API is?
11. The most bone headed move (or the classic mistake) that most API providers do without knowing it.
12. Do you understand the concept of true API self-service mechanism?

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