Insights and APIs dominated Las Vegas this week, well at least the part of Las Vegas centered on the IBM Insight 2015 event. The excitement in our customers and partners around the significant disruption IBM is driving in the market place through the Insight and API Economies is palpable as I sit in the Expo center. And how could they not be excited when we started our week with an adorable robot who could tell you everything you needed about the new TV you needed to buy, give you the perfect recipe to cook for dinner as you watched your favorite show on that new TV while digging into your soul and giving you an accurate personality profile. Oh and did I mention SHE spoke both English and Japanese.

A variety of new announcements around Digital and Cognitive transformation, making data work for you, predicting customer and market behavior and finding new and innovative ways for all industries to make money captured the week at Insight 2015, and the drumroll rose to a crescendo Wednesday morning with the announcement about   Every customer and partner I met had a big smile on their face about having IBM as a partner they had chosen to go on this transformation journey given everything they had heard at the conference and were excited about moving fast and creating differentiation versus their competitors.

The part that struck me the most was the majority of conversations were about using Data and APIs as the catalyst for the change, not one or the other but both in conjunction. It was part of the Watson conversation, Twitter discussion and the discussion about the Weather Channel among others. The path to cognitive seems to be paved with the right combination of APIs and Data that take us through various stages of being a digital enterprise while heading to that final destination. The announcements and conversations at Insight 2015 did make it clear that IBM is the only company that can provide not just the vision for the next era in computing but the right business and technical guidance to a wide range of industries and ecosystems as they embark on this API economy journey.

As I make my way back from Insight, I am excited about being part of a company that combines bleeding edge technology with cutting edge business and changes the way our world turns.

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