The Developer Portal in IBM API Connect now has a new look and feel as well as new features that enhance the developer experience. The new theme for the Developer Portal has a refreshed front page and an improved responsive design layout, which adapts to your device.


Responsive Theme

APIs are now displayed in the context of a product.  The new API layout supports the rendering of an API as specified by the API author, including support for the use of markdown.  The App developer can test the APIs either by use of the inbuilt test tool or by using one of the included example code snippets which are rendered in languages including Node, Go, and Swift.

New look and feel for testing and browsing APIs

Content from API Connect is now synchronized and updated in the background allowing for faster rendering of your API and Product pages.

Background syncing of content

Faster content loading with background synchronization and webhooks

The Popular API block allows you to feature your Products and APIs on the front page of your site with descriptions included and the ability to navigate directly to Products.

Popular API and Product block

Popular API and Product block

The new Social block merges the latest posts in your chosen forums on the site and tweets based on the specified hash tag, user id or query string.

New Social Block

New Social Block

You can now create image carousels for the front page with added modules that are included when you install.

Customize your site with an image carousel

Customize your site with an image carousel

To learn more about API Connect and get started today, sign up for our free edition of API Connect Essentials.

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  1. Laura Lenert May 16, 2016

    Would like to learn more

  2. Deepak Sharma November 13, 2017

    Can we have list of updated features ?

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