In APIConnect you can create APIs using APIConnect toolkit. While drafts can be created offline, if you want to have this draft show up in APIConnect API Manager UI, you would need following details
1. Host address of your APIManager
2. Organization name you would log in to
2. Username / Password with at least API Developer role to log in to the Organization.

Setup :

To install apiconnect toolkit all you need is a node and npm installed in your system.
For Requirements to install apiconnect toolkit refer to link https://www.npmjs.com/package/apiconnect

$ npm install -g apiconnect

To create an api using toolkit run the following command

apic create –type api –title “Routes” –name routes –version 1.0.0 –filename routes100.yaml

Once you have the api created, to push it to the APIManager API Draft view you would need to first log in to APIConnect.

To login to the APIConnnect, example server namer is acme.com. And your username is steve@gamil.com with password: password.

apic login -u steve@gmail.com -p password -s acme.com

To push the api draft to the APIManager

apic drafts:push routes100.yaml —organization climbon —server acme.com

We can now view the draft in APIManagr draft APIs view.


We can create products using apiconnect toolkit. A Product contains of one or more APIs and one or more Plans. To create a product and adding api using toolkit use following command

apic create —type product —title “Climb On” —name climbon —apis “routes100.yaml” —version 1.0.1 —filename climbon_product.yaml

You can push this draft product to APIManager using the following command

apic drafts:push climbon_product.yaml —-organization climbon —server acme.com

Once the product is pushed to APIManager you can view them in APIManager draft products view.

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