Once an API implementation achieves initial success, developers request the following improvements or enhancements:

  • URL that identifies the enterprise domain
  • Secure connection to and from enterprise network
  • Enhanced authentication using enterprise repositories
  • Greater control of infrastructure updates
  • Load balancing to multiple instances

API Connect on cloud is delivered as a Bluemix service. This enables clients to utilize other Bluemix services, such as Watson, the Weather Company APIs or Cloudant. It also means clients can easily take advantage of API Connect on two additional Bluemix options, namely, API Connect on Bluemix Dedicated and API Connect on Bluemix Local. This whitepaper will discuss these options.

Bluemix Dedicated

IBM® Bluemix® is an open-standards, cloud-based platform for building, running, and managing applications. With Bluemix Dedicated, you get the power and simplicity of Bluemix—in your own dedicated SoftLayer environment that is securely connected to both the Bluemix Public environment and your own network.

All dedicated deployments of Bluemix include the following benefits and features at no additional cost: VPN, private virtual local area network (VLAN), firewall, connectivity with your LDAP, ability to leverage existing on-premises databases and apps, 24/7 on-site security, dedicated hardware, and standard support.

Bluemix Dedicated comes with all included Bluemix runtimes, such as Node.js and Java, and 64 GB of compute resources memory.


Detailed information about this service is available at http://www.ibm.com/cloudcomputing/bluemix/dedicated/.

Bluemix Local

IBM® Bluemix® Local brings the power and agility of the Bluemix cloud-based platform to your data center. With Bluemix Local, you can protect your most sensitive workloads behind your company firewall, while staying securely connected and in sync with Bluemix Public.

IBM® uses cloud operations as a service to monitor and maintain your environment, so that you can focus on building apps and services that run on top of the environment. IBM also handles platform updates, so that you can focus on the business.

Bluemix Local environments have the same security standards as the public Bluemix in terms of operational security. You provide the hardware and infrastructure, which gives you control over infrastructure and physical security. Developer access to the local Bluemix is controlled by your LDAP policies, which can be configured by the Bluemix team when they set up your environment. Within the local environment, using the Administration page, you can manage user roles and permissions.

Bluemix Local comes with all included Bluemix runtimes, such as Node.js and Java, and 64 GB of compute memory.


Detailed information about this option is available at http://www.ibm.com/cloudcomputing/bluemix/local/.

Benefits of API Connect on Bluemix Dedicated and Bluemix Local

API Connect on Bluemix Dedicated or API Connect Bluemix Local deliver the following benefits, addressing common requests when scaling a company’s API program:

  • Seamless integration with corporate data center assets

The applications and gateways running on Bluemix are running on the enterprise network itself, providing full integration with VPN and VLAN support.

  • Private domain for branding

Bluemix local uses existing enterprise domains. Bluemix Dedicated can be assigned a domain name that identifies the enterprise clearly.

  • Enhanced security and authentication

With full access to enterprise security services through LDAP and OAuth, applications on Bluemix can be secured and controlled using enterprise security resources.

  • Load balancing between data centers

Bluemix Dedicated allows configuration of global load balancing to assure access and response times. Bluemix Local can be integrated with your company’s existing load balancing, high availability and disaster recovery process.

  • Greater control of environment and maintenance updates

All updates to Bluemix Dedicated are scheduled with the client. Clients can choose their own update schedules with Bluemix Local, independent of IBM.

  • IBM project assistance with set up and migration

A Project Manager and a team of experts are assigned to clients at the outset of all Bluemix Dedicated and Bluemix Local projects. Migration and maintenance plans are developed with the client’s own staff.


IBM Bluemix easily expands to meet the needs of growing API implementations. These options provide solutions to the most commonly encountered requests of customers experiencing success with their API implementations.

For extensive information about Bluemix Dedicated and Bluemix Local, visit http://www.ibm.com/cloud-computing/bluemix.

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