Applications these days need APIs. And let’s face it – it’s not always easy to set them up. LoopBack is a Node API framework built to solve this problem. Using LoopBack, you can quickly generate powerful REST APIs in 5 minutes, flat.

In this video, I will show you how to use Loopback to create a fully functional API architected in Node.js, how you can secure it, and how you can persist your data to a datastore, like MongoDB.

LoopBack is free to use and open source, so it’s easy to follow along in this tutorial, or just check out the code on GitHub to see how it works.

LoopBack is extensible far beyond what you see here; it can be used for everything from prototypes to production applications. Check out the Acme Freight developer journey to see a working example of a microservices architecture using LoopBack to create and access APIs for on-premises data.

P.S. – When you’re ready to add broader API management capabilities for your API’s, you’ll be happy to know that LoopBack helps power IBM API Connect. You can create LoopBack projects directly within the API Designer, so you can get productive fast and scale when you need it, giving you complete control of your server-side API experience.

Sign up for a free trial of API Connect and get started creating APIs faster.

1 comment on"Create REST APIs in 5 minutes"

  1. Muhammed Jersal June 29, 2018

    could you please make the video of create API for login with facebook ,after i done the tutorial points, i didn’t get the actual working. please do that. it’s ma humble request.

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