Did you ever feel the need where you don’t have to compromise between having API Management on cloud while retaining control of your API Gateways? If the answer is resounding yes (which we believe it is) – then your wish is coming true!!!

With API Connect in 1Q’ 2017 we are announcing the ability of API Connect Bluemix Dedicated to manage your enterprise API gateway deployed anywhere (yes literally anywhere!). And coming soon, you would be able to this via API Connect on Bluemix Public as well. Now how cool is that!

Recap of API Connect on Bluemix Dedicated
In March of 2016, we announced the availability of API Connect on Bluemix Dedicated. This offering provides physically isolated hardware in an IBM public cloud data center. It’s single-tenant and provisioned on a combination of bare metal and virtual machines; your API Connect environment is created just for you and managed by IBM. With flexibility to choose over 25 IBM Cloud data centers around the world and secure connectivity from IBM Cloud to your data center, it is the fastest path to your own API Connect on Cloud.

API Connect on Bluemix Dedicated allows you to define policies for the APIs and enforce them at runtime through a highly scalable API Gateway. You can manage the lifecycle of the APIs, manage subscriptions and analyze API consumption. In addition, you can socialize the API through a built-in developer portal.

Your Gateway with API Connect in Bluemix Dedicated

It is very common to have services and systems of records (SoRs) within your datacenter or in a 3rd party cloud that need to be connected and exposed as APIs. When mobile, web, IoT and partner applications consume those APIs, they are routed through an API Gateway to enforce security, traffic management and mediation policies. Thus API Gateways when co-located with SoR backends, reduces the latency for API calls  – since it removes the additional hop from IBM Cloud

Bringing all of these together and continuing our commitment to support varied Hybrid Cloud architecture, we are adding more flexibility to our API Connect Dedicated offering. Starting today, you can bring your own IBM DataPower API Gateway and add it to API Connect Bluemix Dedicated instance. This would allow the API calls from consumer applications to be routed directly to the API Gateway co-located with your API provider backends in your datacenter or in a 3rd party cloud, providing a better user experience due to reduced number of hops and latency, but controlled by API Connect in IBM’s cloud

Blog credits:  Arif Siddiqui, Pramodh Vallanur, Amit Acharya – API Connect, Offering Management

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  1. A bit late reaction but it is indeed a typical usecase eveyone is looking for…Just wondering if this feature is made availble on Bluemix?

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