An API Gateway to meet the needs of the serverless revolution

Serverless development is changing the way applications are made and how technology scales, but, as every developer knows, it is a pain to add an API gateway to serverless actions and create true scalable and production ready APIs. Introducing Bluemix Native API management, a free service where developers can add API security and control to modern OpenWhisk serverless actions and share them in under 30 seconds. This new experience is an easy and simple way to create and secure APIs as a part of your application development and deployment.


The API UI is built into the OpenWhisk service. You can quickly add actions as opertations, security, and rate-limiting, all from one panel. No navigating back and forth.

API Security and Control in Under 30 Seconds

After creating an OpenWhisk serverless action, you can add security and rate-limiting… without having to manually set up a gateway. When the API is exposed, you can then see API level analytics, look at logs for debugging, and test endpoints with a built-in explorer tool. Additionally, instantly share the API with other developers inside of your Bluemix organization or externally with a simple link to the API documentation.
See how easy it is to create and add security to an API:

Try it Today

The new API Gateway is available on Bluemix!   The best part? The API Gateway is free for unlimited API Calls in 2017. We will be adding “Add-on” features in the coming quarters, that will be priced a la cart, so as your API strategy grows, so does the product and offering.

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