2 comments on"Getting Started: Bluemix Native API Management on Cloud Foundry"

  1. chrissnow June 22, 2017

    This looks great! I would like to use native API management on my cloud foundry application, but I’m using blue-green deployments using devops services. Every time a new green deployment of my app is created I need to reconfigure the API management. It will be impractical to manually do this each time I deploy as this could be many times per day. How can I configure native cf API management from a devops deploy script?

    • Chris,
      Thanks for the feedback! I agree with you that it is impractical to do it manually! We are in the process of shipping the CLI and soon after integrating with Toolchain to automate the process. Our goal is for GitHub to hold the swagger “source of record” and then when you update the swagger and push the change to the cloud, we automatically pick up the changes to the gateway. This is our first iteration and I will let you know when the updates are ready!

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