IBM DataPower Gateways are the enterprise gateway for IBM API Connect. It provides a robust and feature-rich gateway for running API workloads across multiple form factors (physical appliance, virtual appliance, Linux and Docker).

The announcement of DataPower V7.6 provides several enhancements for API Connect, with the headline of tenant isolation on DataPower Gateway physical appliances.

If you’re using physical DataPower Gateways for both API Connect managed gateway workloads and traditional DataPower Gateway workloads, you can now isolate these workloads using the new tenant feature with the following benefits:

  • Configurable runtime isolation: Specify cpu and memory for tenants to provide enhanced resource management
  • Operational flexibility: Upgrade API Connect managed workloads independently from traditional DataPower Gateway workloads.

The new tenant feature is not restricted to just API Connect managed workloads. You can also run your traditional DataPower workloads (multi-protocol gateway & Web service proxy) within the tenant. For more information about tenant isolation, check out the documentation.

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