To the developers that have had nightmares trying to figure out an architecture and implementation for social log-in and OAUTH, we have an answer.  The Bluemix Native tooling, which is baked into the fabric of Openwhisk and Cloud Foundry, now has AppID integrated into its gateway.  You can now set up multiple social login providers (Google and Facebook, for now,  more coming soon), download a code snippet, and add it to your app in moments.  Check out the video below.

Protect your back-end microservices with user level authentication

We have all used API Keys and Secrets to protect our backend services on an App level.  You can create a new key for different applications and, if that key gets compromised, quickly delete it and reissue it.  But now, with AppID, you can also authenticate at the user level without being an OAUTH expert.  With AppID, you do not have to keep up with the latest facebook or google sign-on SKDs, depreciations, and new techniques.  You simply add the AppID code to your app, enter your app social login details, and let AppID do the rest.   Even cooler, with the new integration, your users are authenticated at the API Gateway, instead of the app, adding a layer of security to your backend systems.

Add AppID integration to your gateway in seconds.

Add Applicable Social Login information from the developer sites ( /

Try it out today!

Simply sign-up or login to bluemix, go to Openwhisk  and give it a whirl.  When you try Openwhisk for the first time, you get two actions pre-made that you can try out following the demo above.


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