We are excited to announce improved API lifecycle capabilities that ensures you can synchronize the API definition with the changes to the Target services.

As organizations embark on their API Economy journey, we see often their first set of APIs are either exposing an existing backend SOAP service as a managed SOAP API or exposing that SOAP service as a managed REST API.

As you can quickly the see relation, the exposed API always needs to be in sync with lifecycle changes of the target SOAP services. This translates into a simple ability of updating the API definitions with the changes from the WSDL. Where it gets interesting is that, the update should retain and maintain the policies and any other decoration done on the API while only updating the relevant sections in the API definition.

With our release this September, users now can smart update the API definition with the changes from the target SOAP services while keeping the policies, security definitions, and other artifacts of the API intact. After the update, customers can leverage the strong API lifecycle capabilities within IBM API Connect to either replace or co-publish the updated API. This feature will help you to bridge the gap on Two-Speed IT much more effectively. You can learn more about this capability on our knowledge center as well.

Try out this new feature by logging to API Connect on Bluemix or Sign up for it today. Happy Connecting!

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