We¬†recently announced the new DataPower v7.6 firmware with several enhancements for API Connect, particularly Tenant Isolation on¬†DataPower Gateway physical appliances. If you haven’t checked out yet what the new tenant isolation feature is, the documentation is a good place to start! But in a nutshell, if you‚Äôre using physical DataPower Gateways for both API Connect managed gateway workloads and traditional DataPower Gateway workloads,¬†you can now isolate these workloads by running them in either a¬†tenant or a¬†host environment.

Supporting Program for API Connect V5.x customers

We would also like to introduce our new Supporting Program for API Connect Enterprise edition V5.x, which allows you as a customer to download and install 1-tenant firmware at no cost. First you need to download and install the tenant isolation firmware from Fix Central, and then you just need to go IBM Passport Advantage (PPA), and download the tenant isolation activator. Once downloaded, look here for instructions on how to configure API Connect to use a DataPower tenant.

Tenant Isolation Activator (PPA)


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