New API Landing page is live!

The API Connect cloud team has been working hard over the past few months to deliver a new, world-class landing page and navigation experience on IBM Cloud.  The new experiences are simpler, easier, and faster than in the past, all enabling you to work with APIs quicker than ever before.

Try it out for yourself:

Faster and focused

The experiences are focused on what you what you want to do with APIs.  If you want to simply create a quick serverless API with IBM Cloud Functions, we seamlessly get you to the API tool in Cloud Functions, where you can create quick APIs, test it, and use it in minutes.  If you want to enable an API strategy with end-to-end lifecycle management, a self-service dev portal, and world-class security with DataPower Gateway, you can quickly launch API Connect.

Simple and clean UI and landing page

New simple and clean landing page.

Simpler pricing page

In addition to a new landing page experience, the team also added a new Pricing page, allowing you to quickly see the different plan options with API Connect.  We can help you find exactly what you are looking for!

APIC Pricing Page

New APIC Pricing Page gives developers and customers the ability to quickly find the right plan and sign-up for it in real time.


A new experience for everyone!

Finally, we’ve improved the experience for first-time adopters of API Connect. If you are new to IBM Cloud, you can easily learn about API Connect and get up and running quickly. We’ll automatically provision API Connect Lite – our free version – in the background and will launch a helpful tutorial so you can make your first API invocation in no time.

Check out API Connect features and pricing without logging into IBM Cloud.

Try it out:

We hope you enjoy the new experience.  Let us know what you think in the comments below.



2 comments on"A new API Connect Landing Page Experience on IBM Cloud Public"

  1. Giovanni Vigorelli January 15, 2018

    Hi, thanks for sharing.
    A link to the page would be useful. I took a tour of IBM Cloud, searched from Google, but I couldn’t find the new landing page.

    • Thanks for the suggestion. I added a link to the article. BTW, Check back in a few minutes for the update to replicate across IBM Cloud.

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