Introducing IBM’s API Connect 2018.1 a scalable multi-cloud API Management platform, agnostic of hypervisors or cloud providers.¬† A platform built ground up based on micro-service architecture, that is cloud native¬†to it’s core. In addition to deployment advances, new API Management tooling has been added and the user experience enhanced. This gives development teams more capabilities, while reducing the time to market of¬†their digital projects.

Introducing all of the new features and functionality would be too much to digest in a single blog. Thus the topics will be broken down and published as a blog series over a period of time. Below are blurbs of each of the topics to be covered and an end to end demo of this new solution [coming soon].

Advanced Deployment Strategies

This major version release is a complete re-architecture of our current product. Built for the future of hybrid and multi-cloud application architectures. Below are examples and highlights of the changes to API Connect deployment options:

  • Docker and Kubernetes based deployment as it’s foundation, and still retaining the ability¬†to deploy as an OVA.
  • Analytics deployed as separate component from API Manager,¬†promoting remote gateway deployments and having enhanced scalability options.
  • Association of analytics services to gateway services,¬†to again promote remote gateway deployments, while¬†having¬†aggregated view of your metric data.
  • N number of Portal Clusters,¬†per API Connect Cloud to enable those companies that have internal, external and global API Projects.
  • Configure geographic high availability of APIs,¬†with simple configuration in API Connect tooling.
  • Streamlined control of Global API Projects,¬†with management from single centralized API Manager.
  • Improved scalability and reliability of API Gateway clusters, as Gateway clusters are now responsible for configuration persistence. No longer having a dependency on the API Manager.


Cloud Manager Highlights

API Connect is revamping it’s Cloud Management tooling.¬† Improving the experience of customers managing the API Connect infrastructure themselves. Here are some highlights:

  • Standardize API Security across organizations with ability to configure connections to OAuth Providers that can be re-used on multiple API projects.
  • Enhanced TLS Profile configurations such as ciphers for fine grained control.
  • Email templating for not just custom messages, but also notifications sent out from API Connect to users.
  • Extensible Visibility and Sharing Control of Cloud Resources,¬†such as ability to share with specific line of businesses building out APIs.
  • Role Based Access Control at Cloud Level,¬†allowing companies to extend their corporate governance to the Cloud configuration and administration.










API Manager & Developer Experience Highlights

IBM’s API Connect has had key improvements in its API Management tooling, and also undergone a user experience overhaul. Here are some highlights that will improve the workflow of developers across organizations leveraging API Connect:

  • Comprehensive set of APIs available enhancing customers CI/CD pipelines.¬† ¬†
  • ¬†Enhanced Gateway Management,¬†with ability to scope policies to specific gateways and target specific gateways during publishing.
  • Rolling Updates of APIs,¬†with ability to selectively publish new versions of APIs to certain gateway clusters.¬†¬†
  • Native Install of Developer Toolkit, rather than a Node Package Manager install allowing developers to comply with corporate software guidelines.
  • New Sandbox Environment, to prioritize rapid iteration of¬† API development projects.


4 comments on"Announcing API Connect 2018.1: Reinvention of the Industry Leading API Management Solution"

  1. Paul Mooney April 02, 2018

    Jakob – Will we be able to export user database out of APIM now? Will we be able to remove a user from APIM to so we can be compliant with GDPR?

  2. Thank you Jakob – this is good to know and a good update for API Connect 5 to have with GDPR almost here.

  3. […] API Connect v2018.1 was made generally available at the end of March 2018. This post on DeveloperWorks has a great overview of the new features and functionality released in this […]

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