This is my 100th!

No, I am not that old.  I have reached my 100th blog, article, white paper, and video.  The first 99 were for you.  This one is for me.  Often when I am talking to a client and have been asked questions, I reference one or more of these assets.  In a typical conversation with a business, we cover many topics and afterward I follow up with a set of URLs pointing to several of these resources.  I am using this blog to capture pointers to all the others that I have written (so far) to provide a point in time index into all the content – and provide a single reference URL I can share from now on.  I have listed these in categories to help organize this, although many items span categories.  Unless otherwise indicated, the link is to a blog which should be relatively short.



API Economy and API Management Basics


Strategy, Governance, and Best Practices


Business and Value


Architecture, Technology, and IBM API Connect




Index into content


Now that this blog is published with the 100 pointers, it will quickly become out of date as I do not intend to stop writing.  So, to find more of my content listed chronologically as we move forward in time, click here.


Of course, I am not the only one in IBM who is contributing content, so please take a look at all the other valuable content on the developerworks blog site and to understand more about IBMs thoughts on the API Economy visit the IBM API Economy website.  IBM API Connect is IBMs complete foundation to Create, Secure, and Manage APIs.  You can find more information about IBM API Connect at the API Connect website.  And you can also experience a trial version of API Connect.


If you have questions, please let me know.  Connect with me through comments here or via twitter @Arglick to continue the discussion.

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