The API Connect Information Development team (in case you don’t know us, we write and produce the API Connect Knowledge Center) has already made our New Year’s Resolution, and we need your help to keep it!

Our Resolution is to improve the API Connect Knowledge Center with more clear and accurate information, with the correct type and level of instruction, with comprehensive coverage, and with improved navigation and search.

So, have you ever needed help with learning how to use API Connect, or with a specific feature, or while working with a customer? Then you’ve probably referred to the Knowledge Center. How did we do? Did you get your question answered and carry on? Or maybe not, there were issues? We need to know either way – with your input we can improve the information on the Knowledge Center and meet our New Year’s Resolution.

We want the Knowledge Center to be like a good friend who knows EVERYTHING about API Connect, so please take 5 minutes to provide us with constructive criticism – like any good friend would!

Help us keep our New Year’s Resolution and Take the API Connect Documentation Survey!


The API Connect ID Team

3 comments on"IBM API Connect: Help us improve your documentation experience!"

  1. What a good idea. Using the ‘wisdom of the cloud’, so to speak.

    • Survey takes 5 minutes! Quick and easy! Please enter your responses and encourage other API Connect users to help out. We need responses from a wide range of users!

  2. Barbara Schramm October 30, 2018

    Survey takes 5 minutes, so please get your thoughts on the record. We need comments from a broad range of API Connect users.

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