What’s changing

The hostnames used within the API Connect service will be moving along with the rest of IBM Cloud to use a new consistent set of hostnames across all services. For Existing customers of API Connect the existing hostnames will continue to work as they do today. From November 2018 the hostnames displayed for API invocation in API Manager and the Developer Portal will be the new ones (whilst the old names will continue to work). New Developer Portals created from November will be created with the new hostnames.

The new names for customer endpoints within API Connect will be:

  • https://api.{region}.apiconnect.appdomain.cloud/{provider-org}/{catalog}/
  • https://{catalog}-{provider-org}.developer.{region}.apiconnect.appdomain.cloud

Where the region is:

Region Current New
US South us us-south
US East us-east us-east
Frankfurt eu-de eu-de
London eu eu-gb
Sydney au au-syd

Existing APIs will continue to work on their current hostname, but can also be called using the new hostnames.

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